What To Say? Not a Lot

By Samantha Spaccasi

The large audience at Oberlin’s Warner Concert Hall experienced something spectacular on Friday evening, but don’t expect to hear about all of it. Due to the fact that Vijay Iyer’s Trouble for violin and chamber orchestra was still being tweaked, the publisher requested that no one review the artistry or the piece itself. Continue reading “What To Say? Not a Lot”


A Strange Trip with Tafelmusik

By Samantha Spaccasi

Whimsical history lessons, sheep, and well-played baroque music defined the Tafelmusik concert at Oberlin’s Finney Chapel on Tuesday evening, February 28. The Toronto-based group played as part of Oberlin’s Artist Recital Series. Though the concert was two hours long with a brief intermission, the ensemble maintained a high level of energy and performed Bach’s music with style and flair. Continue reading “A Strange Trip with Tafelmusik”

Breathing New Life into Classical Music

By Samantha Spaccasi

Gabriel-1It’s no secret that American orchestras are in trouble. In 2011, the Philadelphia Orchestra filed for bankruptcy, while the American Symphony Orchestra encountered monetary trouble in 2015, forcing it to cut its Vanguard concert series from six performances to four. The Washington Post reported last year that many major orchestras seemed to be “playing it safe” with their programming for the 2016-2017 season, stating that though “Brahms and Beethoven and Tchaikovsky are all great,” there is a fear that newer, lesser-known works will frighten away potential audience members. Continue reading “Breathing New Life into Classical Music”