Cleveland Orchestra Presents Delius, Vaughan Williams and Strauss

By Hannah Schoepe

Romantic soundscapes sculpted by orchestral playing of the highest magnitude shaped The Cleveland Orchestra’s program on Friday evening April 21st, in Oberlin Conservatory’s historic Finney Chapel. Anticipation grew steadily as the concert hall rapidly filled with a diverse audience ranging from students, to young families, to elderly community members. Everyone eagerly awaited the downbeat that guest conductor Sir Andrew Davis would give the world-renowned ensemble. Continue reading “Cleveland Orchestra Presents Delius, Vaughan Williams and Strauss”


Is Classical Music Dying? Is it Dead Yet? How About Now?

By Hannah Schoepe

“Classical Music: Dead or Alive?”
“Is classical music dead?”
“Here are all the reasons why classical music is dead as a genre.”

These are just a few headlines from articles diagnosing why classical music audiences seem to be getting older and smaller. Many writers focus on the music itself, concert etiquette, the fact that the most popular classical music is centuries old, etc. However, many of these opinions ignore the business side of the arts. The art form of classical music has been placed on a pedestal, an ivory Rapunzel tower, separated from everyday culture and everyday life.

When average citizens think about classical music, images arise of something spookily formal, old, and expensive, and one that requires education many potential audience members don’t think they have. Looking at this scenario from a business perspective, it becomes painfully obvious that the “product” is inaccessible, with mundane marketing, and lacking in futuristic vision. Oh, and I might add, priced at $100 a ticket. Continue reading “Is Classical Music Dying? Is it Dead Yet? How About Now?”

Oberlin Chamber Orchestra Presents a Mystic Evening

By Hannah Schoepe


Saturday evening April 8th, Oberlin Conservatory’s Finney Chapel resounded with an eclectic range of sounds. Presenting a wonderfully diverse program under the baton of Rafael Jiménez, the Oberlin Chamber Orchestra began with the world premiere of Web of Silver, written by student composer William Bolles-Beaven (‘18). This was followed by Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 featuring competition winner Shiyu Yang (‘17) and Mendelssohn’s popular Symphony No. 4 (“Italian”).

“Web of Silver” did justice to its name, as the orchestra entered with shimmery transparency. Continue reading “Oberlin Chamber Orchestra Presents a Mystic Evening”

Music Transcends Diplomacy

By Hannah Schoepe

The motto for Daniel Barenboim’s East West Divan Orchestra, “Equal in Music,” brings to light the extraordinary task the orchestra has embraced: reinstating discourse in one of the most conflicted regions of the world. Founded in 1999 by Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim, the Orchestra was originally intended to be a temporary workshop involving Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab musicians. Continue reading “Music Transcends Diplomacy”